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The Georgia Health Policy Center helps government agencies, collaboratives, and local fiscal intermediaries leverage funds from a variety of sources to implement ambitious, community-driven strategies that blend and braid funds in a way that is accountable, equitable, and sustainable over time.

  • Are you currently trying to diversify funding streams?
  • Are you trying to leverage federal funds to address population health and equity?
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Reach out to researchers and practitioners at the Georgia Health Policy Center with questions and requests for assistance. In addition to the online self-directed Funding Navigation Process Modules available on this website, the Georgia Health Policy Center offers live courses for teams and collaboratives wanting to create community change with new funding strategies. Learn more by contacting us at aligning@gsu.edu.

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The Georgia Health Policy Center is committed to continuous learning and is eager to hear how local communities are leveraging federal funding.

Have you already accessed federal COVID-19 funding and are working on an investment? The Georgia Health Policy Center wants to hear from you and learn from your experiences!

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