Funding Resilience: Advancing Multisector Investments for Equity© is an interactive tool designed to help communities:

  1. envision how the funds might be used for cross-sector initiatives and
  2. understand scope of funds available to build equitable, healthy communities.

Users can explore funding streams through graphs, maps, and tables that can be filtered by specific social determinant of health and local needs. Watch the video below to learn tips for using the tool.

Breakdown by Social Determinant of Health
Detailed Overview of the Investment Opportunities
State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds
State Snapshots of Verified Funds
Notice of Funding Opportunities
User Guide

Trillions of dollars in federal recovery funds are flowing into states and cities. Local communities, counties, and states are looking for information that can guide them in how to best leverage the COVID-19 relief and recovery funds in a way that balances immediate needs with the desire to be transformative and address root causes of inequities. This presents an opportunity to:

  • Recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Invest in equitable communities by working across sectors
  • Purposefully address systemic inequities with a long-term view

This tool applies social determinants of health according to help community members think more broadly about potential American Rescue Plan Act funds that can address health equity objectives, where to seek funding, and who applicable partners might be for meeting their health equity goals.

Funding Resilience: Advancing Multisector Investments for Equity is a product of Aligning in Crisis and is made possible because of support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Georgia Health Policy Center is solely responsible for the content, which does not necessarily reflect the views of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.